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At Inbead we have always considered both the quality and the price point of a product very important.
We believe that a professional attitude toward our clients is what creates a long business relationship and
that will allow u to grow as a responsible and responsive company.

Inbead had an off-line sales career for 7 years in Korea and managed an online shopping mall for 8 years.
It opened a store in 1999 and has sold beads and jewelry supplies since 1999 until the present.
We are very aware that quality control reflects the attitude of a company toward its clients.
We manufacture all our products in the best factories in Korea. We invite you to compare our products to
other companies and see for yourself the difference in the gilding process which we find to be one of the
reasons to be proud of what we have to offer. We assure you that this attention to detail results in
our products maintaining their color and lustre for a very long time.

Our knowledge of English is limited so trying to communicate by telephone is difficult, but we can
read and write in English. We will continue to do our very best to offer you the best products
available in the market and to serve our clients in order to earn both, their trust and their business.

With our best regards,

Inbead Company.

 인비드는 1999년 겨울 오픈하여 현재에 이르기까지 
 인비드가 계속 업계의 수위권에 머무르면서, 고객들의 기억에 좋은 업체로 남아있던것은,
 고객분들의 변함없는 사랑과, 사랑받기 위한 인비드 구성원들의 노력이 아닐까 합니다.
 앞으로도 지금처럼 변함없는 모습으로 운영드릴 것을 약속드리며,
 좋아지고 성장 하는 만큼, 고객분들께 합리적인 가격은 물론, 더욱 친절하고 깔끔한 응대와 
 편의성으로 보답하겠습니다.


Address Informations

Head Office
Wooyang medical tower 502, Sangdang-gu, Cheongju-si,
Chungbuk,  Southkorea, 360-818 
충북 청주시 상당구 율량동 894번지 우양메디타워 502호

Road Shop
Woojoo Bldg B1f, Namchang-dong, Jung gu, Seoul, South korea ( Construction )
서울 중구 남창동 ( 공사중 )

Donong-dong 40 Namyangju, Gyeunggi, South korea
경기도 남양주시 도농동 40

PRESIDENT : Hyomin Kim
Email : jewelfinger@gmail.com
Phone number : +82 043 218 9231
FAX : +82 043 218 9231

HEAD OFFICE : Wooyang Meditower 502, Yullyang-dong 894, Sangdang-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungbuk, South Korea 360-818
TEL : +82-043-218-9231 | FAX : +82-043-218-9230 | Email : inbead@naver.com
All other photos are the property of their respective owners.
상호 : INBEAD | 대표 : 김효민 | 주소 : 충북 청주시 상당구 율량동 894번지 우량메디타워 502호 360-818
전화: 043-218-9231 | 팩스: 043-218-9231 | 이메일: inbead@naver.com | 사업자 번호: 104-05-29186 | 통신판매업 신고: 제 2382호
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